The Bowen Technique, Midi-Pyrenees
The Bowen Technique, Midi-Pyrenees

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I am married, with children, and a smallholding full of animals. We are renovating our old farmhouse ourselves.....petit par petiti!!


I found the Bowen technique around 10yrs ago when a friend of mine was looking after one of my horses, he has a respiratory problem and she suggested that the technique may benefit him.


He was wheezing badly and I had asked the vet to call in. My friend then did some funny little moves over his body  and kept standing back and waiting.

I could not understand how this would help, but sure enough, 20 minutes after she had finished his breathing eased, and he settled. I was intrigued.


I was a qualified nurse of over 15 years experience, but have always had a fascination in alternative therapies, as I believe there is more to folks than their illness. I had already undertaken various holistic therapies, and was still searching for the one that made sense to me from a medical point of view and a holistic point of view. Therefore with my interest peaked, I started the training to be a practitioner of the Bowen technique.


I trained with one of the most respected and well known colleges, ECBS, and have not looked back.


I began offering Bowen to patients at the surgery, along with a very experienced clinical reflexologist, and the GP who was a qualified acupuncturist. It was a well received service. At the same time I set up a Practice from home with a midwife colleague who also practiced a variety of holistic therapies.


I am also a qualified reflexologist.


We moved to France several years ago and I have recently felt that the time was right to restart the business. France has a better understanding now of holistic therapies, and therefore I have the insurance and qualifications needed to run my business here.


I am very excited about the future. The Bowen technique is going from strength to strength. It is internationally recognised and available. In the UK it is available in some NHS pain clinics and a valuable tool to help chronic pain sufferers

Katie Ashton



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